Condenser Products, A Custom Capacitors Inc. Co.
Condenser Products has been doing business throughout the world since 1934. We offer a wide variety of high voltage, oil filled capacitors. We offer capacitors in different container configurations, as well as dielectric systems appropriate for various applications.

Condenser Products Overview

Container Types

Our dielectric systems are identifiable by the first one or two letters of the part number prefix. Our impregnant types are identifiable by the letter following the dielectric system letters. Our container types are readily identifiable by the last letter of the part number prefix.

Capacitor Cost

Capacitor cost is determined by these factors: capacitor energy, operating voltage, container type & size, terminations, and the dielectric system (as per application). Containers, in order of lowest cost, are cylindrical glass, thermoplastic, paper phenolic, and rectangular metal cans. Dielectric systems, in order of lowest cost, are Kraft/polypropylene (KN), Kraft/Polyester (KM), all polypropylene (N), all Polyester (M), and all teflon (T).

The small volume available in cylindrical glass units limits the energy in DC applications to 10 joules—and accordingly less when derated for pulse and AC applications.

Accurate Specification

In order to avoid ordering a larger and more expensive capacitor than required, please do not over specify your specific requirements.

Product Specification Sheets Available

We have a product specification sheet available for every capacitor manufactured. Data sheets are available for reference purposes only on the type of product you may wish to design and purchase. (Please use the Product Application Information Form to fully describe your applications.)