Condenser Products, A Custom Capacitors Inc. Co.
Condenser Products has been doing business throughout the world since 1934. We offer a wide variety of high voltage, oil filled capacitors. We offer capacitors in different container configurations, as well as dielectric systems appropriate for various applications.

About Condenser Products

Condenser Products was founded in 1934 in Chicago, Illinois, and operated in the area until 1958 when it was relocated to Florida and established in its present facility in 1959. In 1998 the company was purchased by the current owner, Jeff Fielder, and renamed Custom Capacitors, Inc. DBA Condenser Products. The plant is located on U.S. 41, 8 miles south of Brooksville, Florida, and 35 miles north of Tampa, Florida.

Condenser Products manufactures high voltage, high energy, oil filled capacitors with polyester(mylar), polypropylene, and Teflon materials with paper as an agent. To impregnate the capacitors we use either mineral oil or silicone oil. Condenser Products manufacturers capacitors on a custom basis, from one unit to a thousand, but is able to provide a product that is high in quality at a reasonable price.