Condenser Products, A Custom Capacitors Inc. Co.
Condenser Products has been doing business throughout the world since 1934. We offer a wide variety of high voltage, oil filled capacitors. We offer capacitors in different container configurations, as well as dielectric systems appropriate for various applications.

Our Capacitors & Their Applications

KM & CPO Series

Composite dielectric of kraft tissue & polyester film with a mineral oil impregnant. A proven standard for the industry, with DC filter, limited AC, and pulse discharge applications.

KN Series

Composite dielectric of kraft tissue & polypropylene film. An economical unit for DC filter, limited AC, and pulse applications.

NS & TS Series

Polypropylene film & teflon film respectively, with a silicone fluid impregnant. Extremely low loss & excellent high frequency characteristics allow for very high rep. rate discharge service and high frequency operation into the megahertz band.

NX Series

Ideally suited for pulse and AC applications. Low loss characteristics allow operation in both pulse discharge & AC applications up to 10 kilohertz (when operated in accordance with the applicable derating graphs for both maximum operating voltage & temperature).

MO Series

Very efficient performer for low voltage & high capacitance applications -- i.e., pulse discharge, induction heating, flash photolysis, DC filter. More compact for low voltage applications compared to other standard rated capacitors.